Predictive and preventive maintenance both focus on improving asset efficiency and increasing its reliability. However, they both adopt various approaches to achieve these. Knowing the difference between both asset maintenance practices is a great starting point to know which of the two is best for your business. Below, you will find everything you need to […]

Preventative maintenance, also called preventive maintenance, is a widely used form of asset maintenance in a business. As part of an asset management system, or preventative maintenance offers the promise of less asset down-time and more efficiently performing assets. When implemented correctly, preventative plays a significant role in protecting and optimizing assets. To implement preventative […]

Maintenance management is a process designed to ensure assets get the regular maintenance they need. This is important for ensuring all company assets and resources continue functioning efficiently. Maintenance management is usually structured to maximize and optimize asset maintenance services. Are you considering adopting a detailed maintenance management process in your business? Here is everything […]

Every business has a unique maintenance plan for its fixed assets. While some businesses dedicate certain resources and employees to asset maintenance activities, others adopt a more holistic design. This holistic design is called total productive maintenance. Total productive maintenance is a maintenance strategy where all employees take part in maintaining assets within the organization. […]

As an organization that uses machines to perform operational and functional processes, having a machine fail while being operated is detrimental to the business. This can severely affect production, and, essentially, the delivery of services necessary to generate revenue. Machine maintenance limits the occurrence of downtimes due to machine damage. Essentially, machine maintenance keeps all […]