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  • Two years in business
  • For-profit business
  • Proceeds: working capital, debt refinance, new equipment purchases, business and real estate acquisition
  • Individuals owning 20% or more of business cannot work for SBA or have criminal background
  • Individuals owning 20% or more of business must be a US citizen or legal resident


Good Personal Credit

  • Loans $30K – $150K: Minimum Personal FICO of 600
  • Loans over 150K: Minimum Personal FICO of 675

Business Credit Score (LiquidCredit)

  • 150 or greater

Personal Records Search For Business Owners

  • No bankruptcy in past 3 years
  • No foreclosure in past 3 years
  • No open tax liens
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We’ve done 7 loan deals now with Coastal Kapital now. These deals helped us acquire the trucks and equipment we needed for our upcoming projects. I would definitely recommend Coastal Kapital to anyone.

David Romain
David Romain, President/CEO

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