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Quick Way to Secure a Working Capital Loan with Coastal Kapital, LLC

Coastal Kapital, LLC understands that in the present economy, businesses need quick ways to secure working capital loans. Right now it is very hard for business to obtain these loans through traditional venues, such as  banks or other financial companies. In addition, you need an easier approval process that gives you a speedy result.

Most banks require collateral in order for you to borrow any money. They also make you fill out multi paged applications and want you to produce all types of financial reports. Then they take more time to verify and inform you of their decision. A working capital loan from Coastal Kapital, LLC is an unsecured debt, which is hassle free and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Plus at Coastal Kapital, LLC you have a much better chance of getting approved.

Coastal Kapital, LLC will provide you with a fast credit decision once you submit our one page application, which is quick and easy. You can call us with any questions and our team of financial experts will help you with the process.


Other benefits of working with Coastal Kapital, LLC:

  • A-B credit 24 – 60 month terms available (monthly payment)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Cash Received in as few as 24 hours – 5 Days
  • Flexibility for More Cash
  • No Restrictions on How You Use the Cash
  • Challenged credit welcome
  • Line of credit available up to 20k

With Coastal Kapital’s loan products, the funds are unsecured and can be used in any way you as the owner feel fit to use for your business. These funds can be used to bridge any overhead, inventory, or even purchase equipment cash on a short term note. We want to understand your business and growth so we can better assist you and your business, allowing you to be stress free when it comes to your capital needs.

how can we help you?

Contact us on the phone or submit a business inquiry online.

Trying to grow your company can be a tough thing to do. You either have too much work and not enough capital or capital and no work. My experience with Chris has been nothing but positive, with multiple deals closed when I was turned down elsewhere. I tell him what I need, and he responds with I’ll get started or 10-4. I’ve never had any hesitation on his end. I do not even bother to check with anyone else anymore because I have never been treated better than I have here.

David Wilson

David Wilson
David Wilson, DV Rents

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