Financial Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

Helping Lead Women To Success Through Their Own Process

How to Build An Empire With Your Favorite People

Feature in Big Time Daily, Kortney Murray shares the dangers of micromanagement and how women will get more out of their teams by establishing a mutually agreed upon code of respect on both sides.

Improve Your Interpersonal Skills As a Leader

In a n exclusive feature through the inclusion of podcasts, Kortney shares her greatest podcast hits list that have made her the successful, driven, and empathetic leader that she is today.  So Influential.

How to Optimize Employee Retention in 2022

In an exclusive feature in The Entrepreneur Magazine, Kortney explores how the most important relationship in your business isn’t always your customers, but your people.

Financial Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

Helping Lead Women To Success Through Their Own Process

As the CEO and founder of Coastal Kapital, one of the leading women-owned, financial service providers in Florida, I feel that I have a voice and I am ready to share it with the world.

Women lifting women in business and showing them how to build their own empire is so important. With the internet and tools we have at our disposal, our chances for success are limitless. We are no longer operating within borders previously set in an arena saturated only with men.

Knowing where to find the right funding and expansion tools can be hard. Helping lead others through their process is my mission.

The time is now!

Small business owners, especially women, face enormous financial challenges, many of which are often hidden from them until it’s too late. Now more than ever, curating a network of women entrepreneurs you can lean on (who oh by the way have been there before) is the key to success.

Generating The Confidence To Impact Workplace Inclusion And Diversity

In an exclusive Hollywood Digest feature, three female leaders, Cynthia Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, Kortney Murray, Founder and CEO of Coastal Kapital, and Barbie Layton, TV Host of You Are Amazing on The Best You TV, unpack their experiences dealing with dynamics in the workplace and offer life lessons for women looking to strengthen relationships and confidence within their teams.

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Kortney would like to offer her FREE ebook download of Women Gone Wild: The Wealth Edition on Amazon. This book is filled with incredible, successful women around the world sharing their stories and educating others in all different fields. No matter where you are in the world or where you are in your journey of entrepreneurship, please feel free to reach out for a consultation from Kortney or one of her trusted account executives. You can email Lexi (, Coastal’s Operations Manager, for scheduling!

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