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Coastal Kapital LLC, is always looking for new industries to serve. Contact us to discuss ways we can help you grow your business with our competitive equipment financing solutions.

Coastal Kapital Offers:

• Quick and easy process
• Friendly and fast support
• Problem solving in order to help your customers
• Training and support for you and your team
• Online finance center/calculator
• Individual account executive service

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Trying to grow your company can be a tough thing to do. You either have too much work and not enough capital or capital and no work. My experience with Chris has been nothing but positive, with multiple deals closed when I was turned down elsewhere. I tell him what I need, and he responds with I’ll get started or 10-4. I’ve never had any hesitation on his end. I do not even bother to check with anyone else anymore because I have never been treated better than I have here.

David Wilson

David Wilson
David Wilson, DV Rents

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