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“Not everybody has a perfect story on their credit profile…and that’s ok.” – Kortney Murray

Kortney B. Murray

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Meet our Founder, Kortney…with a “K”

Oozing with optimism and creativity, Kortney Murray is one of the most connected female business leaders on the East Coast in an arena saturated with very competitive men.

But that has never stopped her.

At the age of 22, Kortney opened her own clothing boutique in San Diego, and didn’t even know how to operate her own register.

The boutique ultimately crumbled; but not from lack of heart, rather her own inexperience when it came to finance. Failure led her to realize that small business owners face enormous financial challenges, many of which are often hidden from them until it’s too late.

Kortney began her leasing career on the West Coast in 2003. Her work experience included Innovative Lease, Balboa Capital (Managing BEAST), a division of Balboa Capital, before moving on to teaching a seminar on leasing in Boston, to the economic crash in 2008, and transferring to Direct Capital. As her knowledge in the industry grew, so did her passion for serving up superior customer service and relationship lending. Kortney knew she wanted to do things her way, and jumped ship to form her own company in 2007, Farhat Leasing, LLC, a springboard to what is today Coastal Kapital LLC.

Recently nominated to the board of the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB), Kortney is a self-made, female force to be reckoned with, who devotes her life work at Coastal Kapital to helping business owners navigate the Bermuda Triangle of lending.

Today, Coastal Kapital offers direct lending and an arsenal of other products spanning leasing, financing, bank loans, business working capital, merchant services, business consulting, and credit repair.

“There is a different financing arm besides just a bank,” says Kortney.

As one of the leading financial firms in Florida, Kortney has taken Coastal Kapital to new heights, achieving accreditation for the company as a direct lender. This achievement, coupled with the fact that Kortney has meticulously documented her successes (and failures), and developed a proven process for leveraging financial tools, affords Coastal Kapital the unique ability to deliver a 360° financial partner experience.

Whether she’s guiding others to carefully navigate the somewhat choppy waters of entrepreneurship, or writing for business publications, Kortney brings enthusiasm, success and business savvy to everything she touches.

Kortney is a lover of life, staying grounded alongside her husband, Chris, with their side hustle as certified yoga instructors, and is humbled that her past failures are now a part of her story and mission for helping others succeed.

Kortney and Chris love to travel when they can, are avid boaters, and rally for many charitable causes, most recently for autism spectrum disorders and cancer research. They have four furry rescue felines holding down the fort at home.

If you’re looking for a dream maker, Kortney and her team at Coastal Kapital, are here to make you one all on your own.

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