Christopher Murray

 President of Sales

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Christopher comes with an extensive and eclectic background. He attended Salem State College with a major in Business and a minor in Finance. Chris is an Electrician, worked in Corporate Development and Property Management, and has been in the Finance Industry for Working Capital and Equipment Financing since 2009.

The companies that recruited Christopher after college for management positions were Nappa Electric, Erickson Living, Direct Capital and Balboa Capital. As Coastal Kapital SvP, Christopher currently attends local networking meetings and nationwide trade shows. Christopher supports the big picture growth of Coastal Kapital LLC while maintaining an active client portfolio each day. Chris is mild mannered, always positive, very compassionate he honestly cares about his clients personal and professional goals. His actions create constant prosperity.

Christopher is dedicated to providing top quality customer service and has a wealth of knowledge in Banking and Finance. Christopher is 100% confident that Coastal Kapital LLC will always deliver outstanding service overall as a company due to impeccable staff. His favorite saying “if plan A didn’t work, stay cool there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.” That is an outstanding representation of Coastal Kapital considering the access of funds and programs the company has to offer to every business owner in country.