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Restaurant & Bakery Financing

Coastal Kapital can help you turn a small cafe or bakery into a thriving hot spot with our financing and leasing programs for new baking and cooking equipment. If it’s time to upgrade your appliances, we can offer you financial solutions that will keep your business booming without affecting your productivity.

Apply online in minutes and have the funding you need to purchase the logging equipment you need today!


looking for Restaurant or Bakery Financing & Leasing?

Whether it’s time to upgrade your kitchen appliances, or your computer and POS system, we have the financial solutions that will keep your business booming without affecting your productivity. Coastal Kapital offers financing for a wide range of restaurant equipment, including:

Coastal Kapital focuses on finding financing solutions that are flexible and customized for our clients’ needs. We work hard to help you get the kitchen equipment you need at a monthly price you can afford. 

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Easy and Painless Business Financing Needs

In order to fit the needs of any and all of our customers, we offer a number of different financing options. Some of these options include:

We want to help you secure the capital you need to progress to the next stage of your project. That’s why we aim to give you fast, no-hassle solutions.


Why Finance with Coastal Kapital?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

Our unique finance solutions are a perfect fit for trucking companies and owners who sometimes need to quickly secure cash to meet an operational need. You could go to a traditional bank, but if you do, prepare to encounter multi-page applications. You’ll also need to dig up years’ worth of financial data and wait around while the loan works its way through the underwriting process. Even then, there’s a fair chance you won’t be approved. 

The process we’ve created is sensitive to the fact that our customers are busy and work in fast-paced, constantly-changing industries. Traditional lenders can’t meet these needs sufficiently. 

We’re committed to providing you with a fast credit decision when you submit our one-page application. Our friendly staff members are always standing by and happy to work with you to complete the process. 

Still not convinced? Consider these Coastal Kapital benefits:

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