Gabriela Miliano

Credit Coordinator

Gabriela has over a decade of experience in credit analysis and funding within the commercial lending industry. Gabriela’s sales and marketing savvy go hand in hand with her passion for delivering superior customer service and balance to the credit process at Coastal Kapital. Prior to joining Coastal Kapital, Gabiela was with the equipment finance division of Enterprise Capital Solutions.

Meticulous in every way, Gabriela brings positivity and process–a refreshing change–to the entire credit experience, and believes that how we rise from adversity plays a big part in one’s success.

In her free time, Gabriela finds time to give back to the community as a meditation coach and certified trauma informed yoga teacher. She has coached veterans, families, children and local corporations in the Tampa Bay area for over a decade. “Stay humble, work smart, and learn from the masters. Gratitude and balance are key,” says Gabriela.